Is HOPE Whispering In Your Ears?

My favourite spot of reflection

Hope whispers in my ear that I needn’t worry about kids, family, money, health, future and even world.  “Don’t Worry..” she says, “I am here alive in your heart and carry you through your worries.  ‘Forgetting’ is the magic dust I sprinkle on you. As you sweetly slip in to your dreamworld, I whisper gently and promise that I will hold your hands through the night and fill your world with dreams that help you wake up fresh and bright eyed.”

As life started closing in with all its worries, I was not convinced of these gentle whispers of Hope and needed more assurances from her.

Hope did not give up and continued to whisper in my ear that

  • She is here to make the world a better place by inspiring people to have visions that will not shatter with their current realities,
  • She is the bedrock of all visions and
  • She is an angel from God installed in every human heart no matter how flickering she might be in there.

Hope told me to tell you

  • To not give up,
  • To hold on as all pain comes to an end,
  • That Hope cannot be kicked out so easily
  • That she will linger as long as you dream even faintly against your reality.

Hope is the sun shining even when clouds are covering it up.  She asks us to remember that just as we feel a guarantee that there will be sunshine after heavy rains, there will be Hope even as despair tries to cover us up.  All she needs is half an acknowledgment from us and she is ready to run with us, leading us.

This is what Hope told me today.

She says that she is the next breath of fresh air that enters you – all you need to do is to pause, remember and inhale her deeply and she will light that lamp in your heart.

So, please lend her your ear and she will fill you with most divine melodies that you ever heard.

As Poet Lisel Mueller says –


It hovers in dark corners

before the lights are turned on,

it shakes sleep from its eyes

and drops from mushroom gills,

it explodes in the starry heads

of dandelions turned sages,

it sticks to the wings of green angels

that sail from the tops of maples.

It sprouts in each occluded eye

of the many-eyed potato,

it lives in each earthworm segment

surviving cruelty,

it is the motion that runs

from the eyes to the tail of a dog,

it is the mouth that inflates the lungs

of the child that has just been born.”

Will you allow Hope to whisper in your ear? What is she saying? Can you hear her?


Hope is the Oxygen in the next breath you take

Fill your lungs with it – you won’t regret. 

Pause…..Relax….Breathe….deeply and fully. 

Do not let despair take over and constrict your lungs.

Fill them with Hope.

Inhale ‘Hope’ the Life Saver.

Until next time

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari

Inhale ‘Hope’ the Life Saver.

Until next time

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do You Wish to Claim?

World Peace Flag of the Universal Peace Congress.
World Peace Flag of the Universal Peace Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a question posed at Jamie Ridler’s blog and I thought I will answer this here as she suggested.

I wish to claim:

World Peace starting from me starting from now – this means that no matter what happens in my life, I will only wish for the best outcome for all people involved including myself.

I wish to claim that I live my life based on the Five Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-Violence.

I wish to claim and I know this for a fact that I am Non-Violent in thoughts, words and deeds.

I wish to claim that I love people unconditionally. Working on this, so claiming out loud will make it a reality.

I wish to claim – my birthright to being creative and wish that everyone recognize their creativity and not shy away from it. Your scribbles, doodles, aimlessly penned words – everything you do is creative. So, go right ahead and say it loud – I am creative. Claim it and make it happen – whatever form it takes.

I wish to claim that I see goodness and kindness in people everywhere.

What do you wish to claim?

Please comment here

Until next time – remember, what you wish will come true.

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari


Are you at Peace?

Sri Sathya Sai Baba died. Beloved Baba's heart...

With the increased pace of life and the unrest in the world, Peace is what we all crave and clamor for.  We go for wars to create peace, we rally for peace, we hold public protests demanding peace.

Do these work?  Is absence of war equal to peace, can rally’s and protests create peace? Whose responsibility is it to create a peaceful environment?

I am sure we all have asked ourselves of these questions at least once if not many times and yet the answers seem to be elusive.

Sai Baba gave a simple prescription for Peace in the world and it starts with me as an individual. It starts with adhering to the Right Conduct attached to the duty that I am performing.  Right Conduct and Duty are big terms that need extensive exploration.  Hopefully we will do that here through these pages in future. But for now let us look at the following saying and see if it can be followed to achieve a peaceful life.

Sai Baba says:

If there is righteousness in the heart,

there will be beauty in character.

It there is beauty in character,

There will be harmony in the home.

Where there is harmony in the home,

There will be order in the nation.

Where there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.

So, Peace begins with me acting with Right Conduct.  Peace is not something I can demand from others. It has to begin with my actions and only then can I expect Peace in the world.

How do you define ‘righteousness’  in this context?

Please share your thoughts here.  Love to hear from  you

Until next time

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari