4 Fundamental Desires That Fuel The 3 Enemies – Part I

Español: Sathya Sai Baba alimentado los pobres...
Español: Sathya Sai Baba alimentado los pobres año 1948 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last 3 blog posts I talked about the 3 Enemies that Rob Your Health in all the 5 personality domains and in the last post promised to talk about an antidote for these enemies.

Well it is now time to explore that idea.

What do you think are the fundamental desires that motivate us human beings to live on this planet?  No matter what you do, life is governed and ruled by all of these desires.

You cannot escape from them.  They overlap each other – one leading to the other and eventually becoming one huge pot of a massive desire.

Do you know what they are?

The 4 Fundamental Desires are

  1. The Desire to Live
  2. The Desire to Create 
  3. The Desire to Experience
  4. The Desire to have Continuity for our Existence

Are you wondering how these desires are related to the 3 enemies?  Well, if you look at the first one – The Desire to Live is connected to Curry (Food in general) – don’t’ you think?

The desire to live is a fundamental human trait, not just human but every species on this planet has a desire to live as long as it can.

That basic desire which used to be satisfied with simple sustenance over the centuries now turned into a massive industry that is billions of dollars worth with trillions of choices – The food industry

As the choices increased, the Desire to Live gradually turned into a Desire to Consume  and now we are at a point where this desire is potentially killing us, both through excessive consumption and excessive wastage. We all know what excessive consumption does to us – from obesity to diabetes to heart disease – all life style related diseases point to one thing – the type of food that we consume.

Whilst the developed nations are slowly killing themselves through excessive consumption, the wastage that happens in these  nations is also one of the reasons for the starving deaths of the millions in the other part of the world.

We are dying due to excess, they are dying due to lack – where is the equality?

Answer to this – NO, Not give up eating ( I like my food too)

Desire is fundamental, we cannot live without desires.  Desire motivates us, desire drives us. So stopping to desire is not an option because that leads to self-deprivation and we cannot survive self-deprivation for long.

So, what is the answer?

Ceiling on Desires

It is a concept and a program coined by Sathya Sai Baba.  Knowing that we have desires, knowing that our desires motivate and drive us,  we actively put a ceiling on those desires.  Measure the resulting savings in monetary terms and donate that money to a charity of choice.

Example: If you like chocolate ( or anything else for that matter), instead of having 2 chocolate bars, have one and the money you would spend on the second chocolate is donated to a charity.  I am sure you can come up with any number of examples.

So, how does a Ceiling on Desire for food help your health?

  1. Physically – your ceiling will help you (of course that is obvious).
  2. Mentally – you are satisfied about your self-control.
  3. Emotionally – you are happy that you are saving money.
  4. Socially – you can be an example, a role model to others in many ways – from saving money to looking beautiful. You can also be the talk of the town (wink, wink)
  5. Spiritually – the sacrifice you made by not choosing that extra is literally going to give life to others. The resulting joy and contentment you gain through your direct contribution to society is priceless.

All that through a little act of putting an active ceiling on desire – isn’t it worth thinking about?

When we consciously think about it, we waste so much food.  Forget about supermarkets throwing out good food, we waste so much food in our homes. Our pantries and fridges are over flowing and half of that stuff never sees daylight and yet we are driven to buy more and eat more.

As a start, I am going to put a ceiling on my Coffee consumption – only 1 cup per day, that is from 6 a day down to 1 a day.  If I convert that into dollars, I would save at least $ 15.00 a day.  I will get a jar and put that money in every time I feel like a coffee and donate to a charity.  So, Good Bye 5 cups of Coffee…………

What is it for you?  What ceiling are you going to put today on your eating habits?

Open declarations help us stick to our plans better.   Please comment here and publicly affirm your ceiling.

Also stay tuned for the next 3 posts on how the other 3 desires are fueling our remaining 2 enemies of Hurry and Worry.

Until next time

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari