My Homage And My Pledge


I pay homage today to a larger than life phenomenon knowing that my words would fail to fully convey what I am feeling.

On this 90th Birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I offer my humble tribute to the tireless efforts of a Loving Divinity that walked on this earth physically for 85 years.  His clarion call to “Love all, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never” reverberated from a tiny hamlet of Puttaparthi in South India – a dot that was not on the world map, a village so remote once upon a time, that access to it was through many means of transportation including a walk through the sands of Chitravathi River.

That call to Love that started 76 years ago when He was a mere lad of 14 now has spread through in 123 countries in the world, touching millions of people directly and indirectly.

I heard that call 3 times before I took serious note of it, once in 1969, once in 1983 and finally in 1993.

22 years later I am ready to not only receive but live the call for Love fully, openly and humbly, grateful to have found it, knowing that I will never fully understand or fathom its power but craving to be enveloped and anchored in its simplicity of living and loving the LOVE that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

That LOVE continues to show the way to a Peaceful, Truthful living with Righteous Conduct that ultimately leads to Non-Violence in Thought, Word and Deed.

How can I ever pay homage to the LOVE that

  • Is pervading and patiently persuasive in its eagerness to show the way?
  • Demonstrated tirelessly for over 7 decades what love is all about, without taking a break?

Is it possible even to think that I can understand or fathom the depths of that LOVE that shone purely in its simplicity and was brighter than a thousand suns?

Is it humanly possible to peer into the depths of those loving eyes that saw everyone in their naked vulnerability and yet love them to their core?

Can I hide from a pervading force that is embedded in every cell and atom of everything that seem to operate from that Force?

No, it is not humanly possible for me to understand that so I will not attempt to analyse.

I will just allow myself to be enveloped in the arms of that gentle LOVE with total acceptance and through that touch I will come to know that LOVE enveloping me is already in me and is not separate from me.  It is in me, around me, in front and back, above and below, always in all ways.

When I understand this, I have understood the LOVE that walked this earth even though no longer physically present in  a form, is very much present in all the deep recesses of every living atom that is being guided and driven by it.

I pay homage to that LOVE which physically embodied as Sathya Sai Baba and walked on this earth to show and tell what loving is all about, what life is and to wake up and recognize that I am that LOVE, You are that LOVE, we all are that LOVE which manifests in a variety of colors, forms, shapes, sizes, smells and tastes, so we all can enjoy its varied flavors.

I pay homage to Sathya Sai Baba who made it possible for me to recognise that, not only recognize but to live with LOVE as an anchor that moors me solid in the flowing waters of life so I can become a resting place for the restless passers-by.

The ultimate tribute I can pay to Him is to make my life that resting place to others as He is to me. 

I can only do that if I become Love in Action like He showed through His life.

Today on His 90th Birthday, I pledge that I will put my heart and soul in to practicing and living His message of Love every minute of every day, which means, I will see Him in every one.

I can only do that if I make My Life HIS MESSAGE which is LOVE.

With Love and Respect

Padma Ayyagari




Published by

Padma Ayyagari

I am a Human Values Activist, passionate about and trying to live steeped in Spirituality. I live with the knowledge that Love is the undercurrent of all human life. I believe in Unity of Faiths, Unity in diversity and try and live my life with unity in thought, word and deed. Helping others to lead a life of practical spirituality that will give peace of mind is my passion and life purpose.

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