Power – Misused, Abused or Underused?

Abused power – I know about from history past and present

Misused power – I see that all the time around me in this materialistic world, particularly media

But…Underused Power?

I was getting organised to write today’s blog and had no idea what I was going to write about. Usually a title flashes through my mind and words start flowing.  When this title flashed, I could understand the first two words but stumbled on the last word. Now that term caught me by surprise and I had to ponder most part of the day to actually digest and understand what that term can mean – to me, to you, to us ordinary folks in the world, who neither have the influence nor the means to wield abusive or misused power.

So, what exactly does “Underused Power” mean?

I shake my head sadly at the images fleeting across my screen – of millions of starving people.

A crisis looming and taking over in East Africa.  Watch this little video clip from the Oxfam website.

What stirred in you? If your heart cried out in pain at the sights of the plight of fellow human beings like mine did – that is Caring. If your heart broke open watching the raw suffering –  that is Love.  If your eyes welled up in agony at the enormity of the situation –  that is Compassion.

Yes, Caring, Compassion, Love – these are the powers that every human being is endowed with and sadly they are the most underused powers at the moment.

At the same time as I feel the compassion and love, I also feel hopelessly helpless and small in front of the situation whether it be the famine in Africa or the suffering endured by innocent people because of wars, terrorism etc.

How can I possibly contribute to alleviate the suffering?  How can I serve to ease the pain?

It is easy then for me to turn my head away and bury in the day to day busyness, hide in my silo, occasionally raising my head above to watch, shake my head  sadly and then bury myself deep again.

My feelings of helplessness facing the raw and brutal truth of human suffering forces me to shut down.

“Africa is too far away and what I do will  not make any difference”, “It is their karma they are suffering”, “what can I possibly do”, “there are many people already contributing”, “Governments should take more care of their people”, “It is their own fault that they fight amongst themselves and kill themselves”

On and on I reason –  smothering the Love and Compassion raising in me with rightful justifications.  I have no self-interest tied in, therefore, feeling sad is the extent I go in this world, beyond that my survival is at stake.

Can you relate to that?

Am I right?  Yes to a certain extent and NO largely.

Yes, I don’t have much physical power to make a difference. Yes, I can only give so much for so many people suffering in so many ways all around me – close and far.  Yes, I have to take care of me and my family before I venture out  to help others…………..


What is stopping me from feeling the pain with compassion?

“But I do feel that” – I hear you say.

My question is do we feel the compassion only when someone brings the subject up?

Do we feel the pain only when we watch it on our screens –  in  between glossy ads that entice us to get more and become more selfish?

When do we feel the pain? How do we feel the pain? More importantly do we feel the pain at all or get into the blame game and try and protect ourselves from feeling it?

“It is no measure of health to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – says J Krishnamurti, a philosopher and a theosophist.

Are we sick in adjusting to a profoundly sick society in the name of helplessness or powerlessness?

OK, I hear you screaming and I am screaming at myself – “WHAT CAN I DO?”

As silly or small or insignificant as it sounds, here is the answer.

WE USE OUR UNDERUSED POWERS.  The Under used Powers of LOVE, COMPASSION, TRUTH, RIGHT CONDUCT, NON-VIOLENCE & PEACE – The fundamental Human Values that we were taught as children.  Those values are inherent in us, they are already there, we are born with them.  We just have to uncover them, and start using them.


When my heart breaks open and pours out a continuous stream of LOVE to all people with no discrimination, when I love people, all people – as I love my own family, that love makes me soft and open.  In that LOVE is the power that touches every thing and every one – directly and indirectly.  That LOVE has the power to transform even the toughest criminal.

I am not saying this or making this up.  Jesus said this, Rama, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Sai Baba – they all said the same thing.  LOVE – pure, unadulterated, unselfish, from heart to heart to heart – will touch and transform us.  LOVE is the most misunderstood and underused power that we have.

The difference it makes is not visible or tangible immediately.  The difference it makes is within  me first and foremost.

LOVE makes me soft and sweet. LOVE opens me in compassion. LOVE makes me act unselfishly with pure motives.

I become human and understand other human beings in their suffering and the reasons to cause suffering.

I don’t point, blame and judge.  I judge the ACTIONS, not the ACTORS.

I understand deeply that we all are the same – me, the victims and the perpetrators of crime.  There is no difference. Coming from this understanding gives me the capacity to make adjustments.  Adjustments to my lifestyle so the resulting savings can be contributed.  Adjustments to my eating, living, leisure and entertainment patterns – so my time, money, energy can be freed to contribute in any small way I can.

LOVE has the capacity to do all that to me and to you and to you.  LOVE is the transforming agent. That underused power when used by us will transform the society.  Think about it. When we live in unconditional love, our every move in life including our thoughts will be about helping someone.  Will we waste food – if it helps someone, will we waste time – if it helps someone, will we waste money – if it helps someone, will we waste our energy – if it helps someone.

So, feel the LOVE for others as you would feel it for yourself.  Feel the pain of others as your own. Let the LOVE that wells up in your heart flow freely without inhibitions, without banks and without barriers.  Send the LOVE far and wide – continuously and constantly.  Envelop everything and everyone with the LOVE.  That LOVE will guide us to undertake right actions, no matter how small.  We will become the change that we want to see.

Are you changing? I am…..

Let the underused power of LOVE take over and run over the abusive and misused powers and cause the change so required.

Let LOVE be our guiding force.

With Love

Padma Ayyagari


Published by

Padma Ayyagari

I am a Human Values Activist, passionate about and trying to live steeped in Spirituality. I live with the knowledge that Love is the undercurrent of all human life. I believe in Unity of Faiths, Unity in diversity and try and live my life with unity in thought, word and deed. Helping others to lead a life of practical spirituality that will give peace of mind is my passion and life purpose.

2 thoughts on “Power – Misused, Abused or Underused?”

  1. What can I say? This question plagues me always. I do what I can, but it feels so inadequate. I sponsor a child, I give a monthly donation to the UN refugees, I give a monthly donation to the cancer council, hoping they can find a cure for cancer – little things I am sure compared to others, but my giving is within my means.
    What can I give that only keeps growing, no matter how much you give? It never gets depleted no matter how much you dig into it!!! LOVE!
    Many might think that is nothing, but it is the whole world. Love is all there is. If we can all send our love and compassion to the world, we can make a difference.


    1. And yet, that is the most underused power – dont’ you think. People shy away from extending the love – simplest of the things to do and yet the hardest

      Continue loving – that’s all there is to do



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